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Who We Are

We are a tightly-knit group of individuals who like to tread lightly in search of adventure. We love to seek out the extra-ordinary places and cultures and their exquisite treasures. We thrive on the experiences they bring - the sights and sounds, the smell and tastes, and the feel of it all. We build bonds with the cultures that brings these places and experiences to life.

And then to show our appreciation and respect, we give back to them. Whether it is volunteering our time to raising awareness to connecting like-minding people, we're always leaving only positive footprints behind.

Subir Kumedan San Francisco, CA

I am still the 16 year old who went for his first trek in the Himalayas and was smitten for life. At first, I was inspired by the raw beauty of the mountains. Then by the mountain cultures, who despite a hard existence lived a life of balance.

Born to parents who were always involved in the community, I've ingrained the desire to lead a balanced life - full of travel & adventure, of arts & culture. My venture, Always Outbound was borne out of the desire to enable like-minded travelers to help preserve the beautiful places and cultures they set out to explore. To preserve them for the vitality and richness they bring to our lives.

What We Stand For

  1. Embody the 3Ps - People, Planet and Profit
  2. Take Actions that preserve the planet's special places and cultures
  3. Deliver Once-in-a-lifetime experiences to our travelers
  4. Give you the freedom and flexibility to explore
  5. Foster bonds between travelers and far-away cultures & communities
  6. Create positive change by Always giving back

What We Do

Authentic adventures with a dash of volunteering.

We run adventure and cultural trips that feature volunteering as our way of experiencing and preserving what we set out to explore. That's a promise few other travel companies can make and even fewer have as their only focus.

Community Volunteering

As progress unfolds in what were once sleepy communities and remote environments, there is widespread upheaval. We partner with local Non-Profits to ensure local communities maintain old traditions and their skillsets rather than become dependent on tourism.

Environment Conservation

We help with preservation of natural habitats, and wildlife conservation. We volunteer with local Non-Profits to preserve fragile ecosystems -  coral reefs, sea turtle nesting grounds, marine life, beach erosion, mangrove forests and more.

Why It Matters

  1. Mass tourism is making it easier to get to once remote locations. The pristine white sand beaches of Havelock island, in the remote Andaman Islands are about to get invaded by cruise ship tourists in 2013-14
  2. Reckless development is destroying natural environments and sleepy villages. Witness the recent destruction of 20,000 turtle eggs and nesting grounds of Leatherback Sea Turtles in Trinidad here.
  3. Artists & Craftsmen are abandoning centuries old traditions to open up internet cafes or selling trinkets

By volunteering you supplement the transformational work NGOs/non-Profits are already doing in protecting natural environments and communities. You can help restore the balance in fragile environments and cultures before its too late.

Here are just a few reasons to do short-term volunteering on your vacation.

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