Frequently Asked Questions


Overview & Eligibility

  • 1) How do I know if volunteering on a vacation is right for me?

    • Do you like the idea of making a positive difference to the places you visit and the people you meet?
    • Do you like the idea of spending a part of your vacation in giving back?
    • Would you readily lend a hand to conserve the environment, teach or train young students or preserve wildlife habitats?
    • Would you want to return home with a sense of accomplishment, not just a checked-off list of places and activities?
    If the answer to the questions above is yes, then our volun-tours will be one of the most satisfying, rewarding and memorable experiences of your life.
  • 2) How are Always Outbounds tours different?

    All our trips stem from a desire to make a positive difference in the lives of both our travelers, the environments we travel to and the communities that inhabit them.

    The destinations we travel to are far off-the-beaten-path. Sightseeing in these destinations provides an authentic experience not readily available. The sightseeing also highlights the fragile balance of environments and communities. Of modern development vs. centuries-old traditions.

    The few days then spent volunteering with a Community-based Non-Profit will lend a hand in the conservation effort and in return offer you insights and immersion rarely available to outsiders.

  • 3) What are the requirements for being on an Always Outbound tour?

    Given our destinations and the volunteering component, here are a few things we require from our travelers.

    • An ability to walk 2-3 miles a day, over rough, uneven terrain
    • Participation in activities like day hikes in the Himalayas or Scuba diving/kayaking in the Andamans require a higher level of fitness*
    • Strong desire to lend a hand by way of community volunteering activities
    • For our Himalaya and Rajasthan tours, possess a somewhat fluent knowledge of English
    • Possess a basic knowledge of computers and the internet (for compurter training activities)
    • A desire to interact with a culture far different from yours
    • Above all, a willingness to embrace the unexpected - like culture shock for instance

    * As with all activities, please review the detailed itinerary of our tours and consult with your physician before departing on one of our tours.


  • 4) Do you offer private or custom trips?

    Yes we do for most of our locations. To request a private/custom departure please do the following:
    • Please go to the Dates & Prices tab for the Tour you are interested in
    • Fill in the information requested in the Custom section
    • We will respond back to you within 24 hours with a follow-up call and/or a custom itinerary
    Depending on the dates, number of days and group size we will craft an itinerary that will provide the best experience possible given our knowledge of the region. Private departures may NOT necessarily result in higher tour costs.


  • 5) What kind of volunteering programs I will be involved in?

    Our projects revolve around the following themes
    • Conservation of natural environments
    • Teaching and traininng within local communities
    • Protection of wildlife and their habitats
    Tasks within these projects will vary by destination and season as we supplement the work that the local Non-Profits/NGOs are already doing. So our specific activities may change depending on the season and their current needs. You’ll find more up-to-date information in your trip packet, but some examples of volunteer activities include:
    • Basic English tutoring.
    • Conversational English
    • Basic photography education
    • Basic computer and internet training
    • Natural conservation surveys, such as with the Olive Ridley sea turtle in the Andaman Islands
    • Base camp support
  • 6) Who are the NGOs/Non-Profits I will be volunteering with?

    They are 503c(i) equivalent Government Recognized & Registered entities that have been established in their communities for a long time and been nationally and internationally recognized for their efforts.