Magical Rajasthan Voluntour: Palaces, Desert and Artisans

Jai Mahal Rajastan

Romantic Rajasthan – Vacation and Volunteer in India’s Colorful Desert Kingdom

If India is colorful, Rajasthan in North-Western India, is where the rainbow prism explodes. A centuries-old culture of artisans and warriors resides in an area far less populated than most of the country. With its sweeping desert, Rajasthan is where pinks, ochers and yellows float above India’s vibrant reds, blues and greens.

Your 14 day Rajasthan, India tour includes 5 days of cultural volunteering. You'll be playing an active role in preserving a fascinating culture through your volunteering with Jaipur's street children and rural Rajasthani women.

If you want an experience that changes your perspective and the lives of a unique culture, then get the Rajasthan volunteer and vacation brochure now.

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Volunteering with Vatsalya (Vocational Training & Women Empowerment)

You'll be volunteering with a government recognized NGO/Non-Profit in Jaipur that plays a crucial role in the community by teaching vocational skills to street children and helps s rural women to develop their own small businesses.

Your unique talents and experiences will determine which of Vatsalya’s many programs is best suited for your volunteer efforts during this trip. Typical volunteer activities will include some of the following

  • Vocational skills training
  • Social presentation and communication skills
  • Mobile health and education outreach to Jaipur's street children
  • Basic computer and internet training
  • Training and eduction materials for women's self-help groups

Your volunteering will brighten the future and livelihood prospects of Rajasthan’s street children and rural women alike. Learn more in the Rajasthan volunteer and vacation trip brochure.

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Highlights and Attractions

  • Ride elephants and camels, watch the sun set and stars rise over desert skies
  • Stay at a heritage haveli – a former home of Rajasthan royalty
  • Dine and sleep as Bedouin chiefs in a tented camp in the desert
  • Explore the “Golden City of Dreams” Jaisalmer, a 12th century city
  • Wander the bazaars and jewelry markets of Jodhpur, the indigo Brahmin-Blue City
  • Experience the majesty of the Taj Mahal

Get all the highlights, attractions and activities in the trip brochure now.

How Your Trip Will Change You

The few days of volunteering interspersed with all the sights, sounds and flavors of Rajasthan will give you a far more satisfying and fulfilling experience than if you were to travel on your own or with a regular travel company.  

Your volunteering will see a lasting impact since your efforts will be part of a larger program by an established Non-Profit with deep community roots and clear long-term vision.

Why Volunteer on your vacation?

Travel to Rajasthan to immerse ourselves in a colorful and ancient culture. Volunteer to preserve Rajasthan’s culture for tomorrow.

If you’ve ever revisited a place years later and been heartbroken by the changes, you understand the need to preserve the world’s beautiful places and cultures.

Through your volunteering you inspire all around you to travel sustainably and take small steps themselves. You become a change maker and protector for what you set out to experience.

If you want an experience that changes your perspective and the lives of a unique culture, then get the Rajasthan volunteer and vacation trip brochure now.


Your Volunteering Activities (Cultural Empowerment)

You’ll be volunteering with Vatsalya, a government recognized Non-Profit based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Their programs comprise of Child support, Young people livelihood, Women empowerment, Health and HIV-AIDS.

Your unique talents and preferences will decide which of Vatsalya’s programs is best suited for your volunteer activities during your trip. Typical volunteer activities may include:

  • Vocational skills training for youth
  • Social presentation and communication skills development
  • Mobile health and eduction outreach to street children of Jaipur
  • Basic computer and internet training
  • Training and eduction materials development for women's self-help groups
  • Community games, quizzes and other fun activities

Your volunteering will create a lasting impact because your efforts are a part of a larger program of an established local Non-Profit.

Learn more in the Rajasthan volunteer and vacation trip brochure.


Why Vatsalya?

Vatsalya was founded in 2001.  Since inception, their efforts have touched and improved the lives of over a million Rajasthanis.

Vatsalya works closely with 20 grass roots NGOs in the state and is approved by the government of India.

They concentrate on improving lives through teaching core skills in order to ready young people for quality employment, enabling women to develop their own home and/or small group-based businesses and to improving the health and wellbeing of children in need.

Day Location Highlight
Day 1 New Delhi Evening Pre-trip Briefing
Day 2 Agra Agra Fort, Street Market
Day 3 Agra & Bharatpur Taj Mahal at Sunrise, Fatehpur Sikri, Bharatpur
Day 4 Jaipur, the Pink city Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Jantar Mantar
Day 5,6,7,8 Volunteering with Vatsalya Vocational Training, Women Empowerment
Day 9 Jaisalmer, the Golden city Jaisalmer fort, Time off
Day 10 Jaisalmer, the Golden city Overnight camel safari, Deluxe Tented camp
Day 11 Jaisalmer Camel Safari, Traditional Villages, Local Markets
Day 12 Jodhpur Mandore Ruins, Time off
Day 13 Jodhpur Mehrangarh Palace, Old-world Bazaars
Day 14 Jodhpur & Delhi Deluxe Train to Delhi, Opt. Old Delhi

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