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Sustainable Wanderlust
Preserve unique cultures and special places
PHOTO: A shepherd leads his sheep up a remote mountain valley in the Ladakh Himalayas

About the Authentic Voluntourism Blog

The more we travel, the less pristine the world becomes. If travel continues to be unsustainable, we will lose many of the world’s beautiful cultures and natural environments. It doesn’t have to be this way. All of us can take small steps to protect what we set out to explore.

This blog is your expert guide to sustainable (aka good) travel. Discover beautiful places and cultures. Find inspiration from people and organizations making a difference. Get simple tips on how you can become a change maker.

How travel has become unsustainable?

I’m sure you’ve revisited a place and found yourselves disappointed or even heart-broken by the changes. Cultures that have abandoned priceless traditions in favor of selling trinkets. Serenity and grandeur of natural environments that have disappeared under the guise of ‘infrastructure development’. Koh-Samui, Thailand is just one of the sad examples of what happens when tourism is no longer in balance with sustainability.

Credits: 1979 by Robert Mudder (Blog) | 2008 by Soma-Samui.com


What does it take to make tourism sustainable?

All it takes is directed effort, from just a handful of people. Take the Lakshadweep Islands, a small island archipelago off India’s southern coast. They’re just as beautiful as Hawaii or the Maldives, with a fraction of the tourism.I took this photo in December 2008 during peak travel season. My guide and I were the only one around for miles.


A few scientists from the local university, divers, resort staff, travelers and fishermen have come together, in the Lakshadweep Islands to preserve the fragile corals and sea life. Motor boats are restricted in the lagoons. Kayaks are in abundance and free to rent. Infrastructure development is being kept to a minimum. Volunteers and graduate students record data and monitor trends in the environment. The Lakshadweep Islands will be a shining island gem for a long time to come thanks to the efforts of ordinary people and travelers like you.


How the Authentic Voluntourism Blog aims to make a Difference?

  1. Take a single-minded stance on good, aka sustainable, tourism
  2. Highlight beautiful places and cultures in the world that are at risk
  3. Provide tips on how to easily travel sustainably within those places
  4. Share incredible stories of people and Non-Profit organizations that are making a difference
  5. Invite you to actively participate, through various avenues



I am an adventurer. I am still that 16 year old who went for his first trek in the Himalayas and was smitten for life. Initially I was inspired by the raw, majestic beauty of the mountains. Then by the mountain cultures, whose people lived a hard life but appeared far happier than most city folks.

In 2011, I gave up a successful career in Advertising (User Experience and Strategy) to become a social entrepreneur. My venture Always Outbound embodies the 3Ps: Planet, People, Profit. I strongly believe that by actively volunteering in endangered cultures and natural environments we will understand and appreciate the risks they face. This experience will spur us all to become active protectors and change makers.

By taking travelers to some of the most pristine and endangered places on earth, then arranging for their volunteering with local Non-Profits preserving those places, I hope to create evangelists and protectors of tomorrow. This is the core tenet of Always Outbound.
Will you join me?


How YOU can be a Change Maker?

  1. Become a subscriber and push us to keep uncovering remarkable places, cultures, Non-Profits and trips
  2. Share the stories, tips and profiles that you read on this blog
  3. Support people and organizations making a difference
  4. Write for us – have a place you’d love to share or highlight an organization making a difference in an endangered place. We’d love to share it.
  5. Go on a volunteer and vacation trip and make a difference yourself.


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