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Road Tripping – Sage advice from the TNI travelers

  1. Q1. Famous (or not) person past or present you’d like to hit the road with?

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    A1. A road trip with Bear Grylls would be epic! Just hope we don’t run out of drinking water! ;) #TNI
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 15:31:51
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    He is freaking hilarious, and very smart too! @allaboutmexico RT A1 Ricky Gervais. I love people who can make me laugh. #tni @rickygervais
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 15:32:44
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    A1 Che Guevara #TNI
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 15:33:28
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    A1. I think taking any road trip with Anthony Bourdain would be an incredible adventure. #TNI @noreservations
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 15:32:15
  6. Q2. Favourite games or entertainment for making time pass in the road?

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    A2: something we call Name,Animal,Place, Thing #stkitts #tni
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 15:41:13
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    A2: Is napping while someone else does the driving a game? ;) #TNI
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 15:47:33
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    A2: Local radio is the best entertainment on a long road trip. #TNI
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 15:58:10
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    A2. backseat driving just to annoy my husband, lol ;) #TNI
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 15:48:12
  11. Q3. Craziest story while on a road trip?

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    @ZipSetRachel A3 We got stopped by police once who told us to drive ‘as fast as we can’ as the bridge ahead was closing in 10 minutes! #TNI
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 15:54:29
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    A3 #TNI Seeing a wheel run ahead of me and realising it was mine! [Like it? bit.ly/Ijv2Z7 ]
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 15:59:36
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    A3. Put Irish Setter in a kennel on top of my car, drove for 12 hours to Canada… wait, that wasn’t me, was it? #TNI
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 15:52:01
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    A3. There was also that time we drove through a blizzard. Still referred to as “the most insane thing we’ve ever done as a family” #TNI
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 15:55:15
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    A3 Flat tyre in middle of France and I had to change it – only done from seeing others do it. But tyre stayed on :) #TNI
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 15:54:34
  17. Q4. How to you prepare before hitting the road? What do you pack?

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    A4. Food, music and sunglasses! #tni
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 16:05:32
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    A4. I always buy a large road map, highlight my route & circle points of interest. Other essentials: snacks & a kick-ass playlist #TNI
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 16:01:58
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    @ZipSetGo A4. Food, appliances (small), clothes!! The best thing about a roadtrip is – your car is like a big suitcase :) #TNI
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 16:01:18
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    A4 extra large can of Red Bull #tni
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 16:05:20
  22. Q5. Dream road trip? Vehicle?

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    A5 Hoover Craft w/ Richard Branson #TNI
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 16:11:19
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    A5. A pink cadillac convertible (me in 60s sunglasses and headscarf) on the pan-american highway #tni
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 16:13:00
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    A5 Grew up traveling ALOT in a Winnebago-slept 13, so lots of room & we could bring friends. Many fond memories. #TNI
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 16:13:08
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    Are sailboats an option? Oh, I’m onboard! :D @allaboutmexico RT @myislandartjeff: A5 Exploring the tropics. Sailboat! #TNI
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 16:16:36
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    A5: Cuba in a pimped out ’57 Chevy. #tni
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 16:10:52
  28. Q6. Iconic road trip books/films that have inspired you?

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    A6. Long Way Round and Long Way Down – Charlie Boorman and Ewan MacGregor. Almost made me want a bike #tni
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 16:25:35
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    A6. One of the best movies ever – TOMMY BOY! #TNI
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 16:29:41
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    A6 Little Miss Sunshine #TNI
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 16:28:16
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    A6: Motorcycle Diary, Out of Africa, A Room with a View, Roman Holiday,….it’s endless #TNI
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 16:23:10
  33. Q7. What is on your road trip playlist?

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    A7. Nothing bad ever happens when listening to POLKA #TNI
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 16:40:06
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    A7. Our car has a demon radio that plays mariachi randomly. So we bring all our tunes on iPhone with a speaker and play random tracks. #tni
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 16:55:16
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    @WillingFoot A7. Everything! From Norah Jones to Lady Gaga I need diversity! #tni
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 16:32:36
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    A7 Er, anything Bon Jovi. (Is there shame in this?) And No Doubt. And Books on CD. I am obviously not cool. :) #tni
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 16:32:15
  38. Q8. Best road-side attraction you’ve seen? Would like to see?

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    A8. I really want to go to Mt. Rushmore, and the Grand Canyon. #tni
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 16:41:24
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    A8. The rock formations on the route national 40 in Argentina – this one is the ‘amphitheater’ http://yfrog.com/h0lc3rrj #tni
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 16:47:55
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    A8. Best road-side attraction was in Churchill, Manitoba: flic.kr/p/8UtCWw #TNI
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 16:44:55
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    @ZipSetAndrea A8: we hve a lot of ‘big’ things in Aust… Big Banana, Big Pinneapple, the Big Marino they are always good to stop at #tni
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 16:42:40
  43. Q9. What are your road trip road rules?

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    A9: Rules? Who needs rules? Where we’re going we don’t need rules. #TNi
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 16:51:51
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    A9. If you see an animal on the road, drive into the nearest ditch immediately… #TNI
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 16:57:12
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    A9. STOP anytime you see something that might be interesting or fun! #TNI
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 16:51:58
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    A9 Rule #1: It’s ok to get lost. #TNI
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 16:52:29
  48. Q10. Pros/Cons of road tripping vs. flying?

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    A10: You can’t stop and admire the view or check out the local food when flying #tni
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 17:05:14
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    A10: Road trip is about the journey. Flying is about the destination. #TNi
    Thu, Apr 12 2012 17:02:38
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