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#TNI Storified: Vol 2 – Travel on the Cheap

Here’s a Storify recap of #TNI Dec. 15, 2011. #TNI is short for Travelers Night In – a Twitter travel chat that happens every week. This week’s topic was Broke Travel – or how to travel frugally. This is a collection of some of the noteworthy tweets. Look out for this every Friday.

Brought to you by the awesome folks at @ZipSetGo and guests.

  1. @ZipSetAndrea: Q1. Favorite free or low-cost volunteer program? Why? #TNI

  2. A1: Waves for Development. A Sustainable surf voluntourism program . It’s on my bucket list: bit.ly/SIYib #TNI

A1 I volunteer at the food pantry, 10 minutes from my house. #tni

A1: I am going to be bad at this #TNI. I’m definitely a luxury travel in the true sense of the word.

@ZipSetAndrea A1 My daughter did experience in international living spending 6 weeks in India and she loved it. #TNI

A1 #TNI The @Vaughantown programmes, definitely! You get to see a less-frequented part of Spain, and you get to meet real Spanish people!

@OffTrackPlanet: Q2. Best dead broke backpacking tip? #TNI

A2. Broke backpacking is what ramen noodles were created for. #TNI

A2. In other words, make friends, network, make plans to visit them, travel w/them, prepare meals together, share a bottle of wine, etc #TNI

A2. Broke backpacking trip – learn how to fish. Its easy and the rewards are sumptuous :) #TNI

A2: Eat like the locals and shop for food in the local markets. Western restaurants will kill your budget! #TNI

A2. Winning a trip somewhere always helps. #TNI

@BootsnAll: Q3. What’s your go-to haggling strategy? Most ridiculous item you bought at a market? #TNI

A3: I like to watch locals first – haggling culture is different in every country. #TNI

A3. Blend in like a local, rather than scream tourist, learn a bit of the language, ask nicely for deal. Don’t be afraid to walk away #TNI

A3. Always enjoy the complimentary tea. #TNI

A3. A lot of hawkers like to laugh at the price you suggest. I always laugh back at the price they suggest. Seems to work:-) #TNI

@gAdventures: Q4. Thoughts on busking? What street tricks bring in the most change? #TNI

A4. Not sure I have any street worthy talents. I think I could flirt my way into a free meal or drinks…that’s it #TNI

A4. I’ll always give spare change to talented musicians in subways. Especially if they’re playing bluesy jazz ;) #TNI

A4. Midget Mike Jackson in #NYC subway is pretty epic. #TNI

A4. Saw a middle-aged naked guy do acrobatics on a pole above a square in Amsterdam…then he sat on my mom’s lap…unforgettable #TNI

a4 Well something comes to mind, which I would never consider. If I could play bagpipes, this would be a cool way of busking #tni

@ZipSetRachel: Q5. Worst experience on a budget airline? Are they worth the cheap tickets? #TNI

A5. Worst experience? Spirit airlines. Space so tight that when I drank out of my water bottle it hit the seat in front of me. #TNI

“@ZipSetAndrea: A5. Was made to ride in the cockpit on the return flt of my honeymoon…only seat left :) #TNI”omg what a story to remember

A5 On the subject of ‘cheap flights’, one must watch this satirist interpretation: youtu.be/HPyl2tOaKxM #TNI


@OffTrackPlanet: Q6. Where in the world is being a broke traveler easiest? Why? #TNI

Agree. #Mexico is a welcoming inexpensive place @amylaurita
A6: Mexico. I’ve never been welcomed into so many homes by so many people #TNI

A6 Andean Villages are usually populated by very nice people willing to help out in exchange for some labor #TNI

A6: If you’re broke, travel automatically becomes expensive no matter where you go. #TNI

A6: Depends on your style. There are free things to do in every city… Even Oslo, the most expensive: bit.ly/s9Pgl4 #OTPlanet #TNI

A6. Northern Iraq and eastern Turkey. So many invites for tea, dinner and to stay the night #TNI

@BootsnAll: Q7. Ever gotten yourself in trouble for being a cheapskate abroad? #TNI

a7. Took a minibus super late at night in Cape Town, South Africa by myself b/c didn’t want to pay for cab – offered drugs & relations #TNI

A7: Woke up in my $1 Nicaraguan hostel room with the door wide open. #TNI

A7 Have I ever resorted to finishing other people’s drinks – without their permission? Oh yeah #TNI

A7. Uncle walked out on a dinner tab in Montmartre, told us he paid, police chased us… not good…. #TNI

A7. Trouble, yes. For being cheap, no! #TNI

@ZipSetAndrea: Q8. Best free travel opportunities? #TNI

A8 – Become a super-influential Travel Blogger and make lots of Twitter friends! ;) #TNI

A8. Be kind to old Mom and Dad. #TNI

Q8. Best free travel opportunities? #TNI A8: Again, The CIA, now with drones…

A8 #TNI Volunteer travel!!! Or travel with your job, if you’re lucky enough to get that…or maybe peace corps or army programs 2 – so many!

A8. Golden Temple in Amritsar in India – Free lodging, food and transport from the train station to the temple. #TNI

@gAdventures: Q9. What’s the best travel deal you’ve ever gotten abroad? #TNI

A9. My wife would ‘t be happy if I got a deal on a broad when I travel #TNI

A9 Go to the Philippines & stay in a hut on the beach, dead cheap & so much fun. #tni

A9. A $350 RT plane ticket to Paris and a gorgeous hotel room in the city center with view and breakfast for under 50€/nite #TNI

@RachelChaikof Try bargaining for those vouchers too. Gate agents allowed to pay more if conditions warrant. #TNI

@ZipSetRachel: Q10. Ever have an under the table job abroad? Best one and why? #TNI

A10. Isn’t an “under the table job” illegal – except in Vegas, Amsterdam and Bangkok? #TNI

A10. Dublin, Ireland. I managed a clothing store. #tni

#TNI a10 scraped “made in china” inscriptions off sunglasses without scratching frames in England. Not required for European markets #1000

A10. no but i would love to find one tutoring English while i’m traveling (NOT in a big class, private lessons…) #TNI

and finally…

IMHO each week, the #TNI chats are AWESOME! Is it just me? :)

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  • http://www.stayadventurous.com/ craig zabransky

    thanks for the mention in the recap, wish I made more of the chat, some good comments and questions…also, traveling broke is always an adventure.

    stay adventurous, Craig

  • http://www.payaway.co.uk/ Shane (The Working Traveller)

    Thanks for including us. I’m all the more grateful it was for something useful we tweeted rather than the crack I made about not tipping ladyboys (for taking a photo).

  • http://alwaysoutbound.com/travel Subir K

    Shane, and you think now people are not going to search for “how to tip ladyboys” ;)

  • http://alwaysoutbound.com/travel Subir K

    Traveling broke is even more an adventure, when say hypothetically, you’re driving at night on Great Ocean road in Australia at night, with nary a human in sight, and you’ve got less than a liter of gas left, and more than 200km to go, and are hoping to find cheap gas :)