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TNI Storifyed Vol. 6: Time Traveling

  1. Q1. Where would you want to be the first to set foot ?

  2. A1. Cairo, Egypt – imagine discovering the pyramids and all those tombs! #TNI
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 15:31:45
  3. A1. Somewhere tropical, like a rainforrest, before it had been bulldozed or over developed #TNI
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 15:32:49
  4. A1 South P{ole and wait for Amundsen to arrive to offer him a cold beer #tni
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 15:31:56
  5. A1 Maybe the moon or Pandora … but here on Mother Earth, Atlantis. #tni
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 15:39:11
  6. A1: Does it really matter to be the first when you get a chance to be there at all? #TNI
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 15:40:08
  7. Q2. If you could travel back in time, in which era would you live?

  8. A2 Miami in the ’20s! Hollywood in the ’50s! London in the ’60s! Seattle in the ’90s! #TNI
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 15:41:42
  9. A2: I’ve always had a fascination with ancient Egypt. Cleopatra style of course. #TNI
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 15:41:48
  10. Agree! Just back from India – awesome! RT @mudskipper: A2: India during the Mughal era, notably the time of Shah Jehan. #TNI
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 15:46:01
  11. A2 Anytime before the Library of Alexandria was destroyed #TNI
    Tue, Jan 17 2012 08:33:24
  12. A2. 1600-1800′s. Great exploration and circumnavigation. Q2. If you could #travel back in time, in which era would you live? Why? #TNI
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 16:28:57
  13. Q3. How do you think travel will change in the next 10, 25 or 50 years?

  14. A3: Packing will be easier when someone invents transformer shoe that goes from ballet to sneaker to stiletto. And changes colors! #TNI
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 15:53:51
  15. A3 In 5 years you’ll have to arrive at the airport the day before travelling just to get through security in time ;) #tni
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 15:58:54
  16. A3 Sometimes I worry all this progression will bite us in the butts, and eventually we’ll be back to wind-sailing across oceans. #TNI
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 15:58:28
  17. A3. Hope we’ll have individual jet packs like Jetman! bit.ly/oaDxkK #tni
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 15:51:31
  18. Q4. What would you travel back in time to photograph?

  19. A4. The dinosaurs! #TNI
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 16:01:35
  20. A4. I would want to photograph the time before the construction of buildings began to see what landscapes looked like! #TNI
    Tue, Jan 17 2012 08:33:24
  21. A4. The building of the pyramids – I mean really, how did they do it?! #TNI
    Tue, Jan 17 2012 08:33:24
  22. A4. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon Q4. What would you #travel back in time to photograph? #TNI
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 16:01:09
  23. A4. The Mammoth – that would be great to #travel back in time to photograph #TNI
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 16:18:28
  24. A4 #TNI I’d get pix of the animals that have gone extinct, & also watch how they built Easter Island & Stonehenge – pretty amazing feats!!!
    Tue, Jan 17 2012 08:33:24
  25. Q5. What destinations remain timeless? Photos?

  26. A5. Mountain hiking in the backwoods of British Columbia and the ocean, anywhere. #TNI
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 16:11:22
  27. A5: Atacama Desert, Chile – because breathtaking views never get old! #tni http://pic.twitter.com/4s4EEkBh
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 16:21:39
  28. A5. Machu Picchu, of course: ow.ly/8rxQQ #TNI
    Tue, Jan 17 2012 08:33:24
  29. @ZipSetAndrea A5: Laos and Yunnan, China. Unscathed beauty. Feel like time has stood still. #TNI
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 16:17:51
  30. A5. Beaches in the Seychelles: flic.kr/p/6e8KF5
    Q5. What destinations remain timeless? Photos? #TNI
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 16:13:47
  31. A5 Rapadalen! http://twitpic.com/86hnpz #tni
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 17:15:27
  32. Q6. What will be the best destinations to visit in 2025? Why?

  33. A6. There’ll probably be beaches in Antarctica by then. #TNI
    Tue, Jan 17 2012 08:33:24
  34. A6 – whatever’s left of rainforests or any place still ‘green’ – because the air will be delightful to breathe #TNI
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 16:22:42
  35. A6. I’d love to see what amazingness they’ve added to Dubai by then. #TNI
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 16:21:55
  36. @flyingwithfish @jenn_seeley A6. If the lava keeps flowing, Hawaii will have new, beautiful land to explore by then. Sign me up! #TNI
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 16:29:29
  37. A6. I’m not at all a pessimist when I say….the accessible by surf only island nation of California :) #TNI
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 16:27:32
  38. Q7. What do you miss about travel in the past?

  39. A7 Being able to bring a souvenir samurai sword home in carry on luggage #TNI
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 16:37:09
  40. A7 When making the journey was as much of an adventure as the destination #tni
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 16:35:38
  41. RT @amylaurita: A7: I miss the unavailability of the internet and really being 100% disconnected from the familiar. #TNI
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 16:38:38
  42. A7: no passports and visa #tni
    Tue, Jan 17 2012 08:33:24
  43. Q8. What past trip would you do over again? What would you change?

  44. A8 – I would go back to Greece and spend more time on the islands. #TNI
    Tue, Jan 17 2012 08:33:24
  45. A8: Everywhere, do less touristy things and get more into the local culture! #tni
    Tue, Jan 17 2012 08:33:24
  46. A8. To return to destinations visited as child to view them with adult eyes. Q8. What past trip would you do over again? #TNI
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 16:44:37
  47. A8: already have, revisited India and immersed myself in the culture rather than observed it.#tni
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 16:44:26
  48. A8. Go to Europe YOUNG with a backpack, a tent and less finicky habits! #tni
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 16:41:13
  49. Q9. Travel mistakes you’d go back in time to correct?

  50. A9. Titanic… how about the southern route? Q9. Travel mistake you’d go back in time to correct? #TNI
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 16:57:02
  51. A9: being too afraid to talk with locals and not taking enough risks #TNI
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 16:51:13
  52. A9. I feel like most travel mistakes are good learning experiences. Or at least a great story! #TNI
    Tue, Jan 17 2012 08:33:24
  53. @ZipSetRachel A9 My positioning at La Tomatina! I thought I had a wicked spot and by the time I realized I didn’t it was too late! #TNI
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 16:50:58
  54. A9 Bringing way to many things on my first trekking trip. #travel #mistakes #tni #cultofless
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 16:58:33
  55. A9. Wish I’d gone to backpacking in Europe w/ my friends after college – had a job lined up an went right to work – travel fail! #TNI
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 16:59:02
  56. Q10. What person would you go back in time to travel with?

  57. A10. Marco Polo #TNI
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 17:04:41
  58. A10 Easy. Nicholas Tesla without a doubt would make a great travel buddy, also Charles Darwin #TNI
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 17:03:15
  59. A10. That human ancestor who first stepped out of Africa! #tni
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 17:03:06
  60. A10. I would love to travel with John Muir into his wild landscapes, with his wonder… assuming I could get fit enough! #TNI
    Tue, Jan 17 2012 08:33:24
  61. A10 Mark Twain, he would be a hoot as a travel buddy #TNI
    Thu, Jan 12 2012 17:00:15
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