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Spotlight: Khardung La pass, where the land and sky meet and the road that bridges the two.

#TNI Storified: Vol 5 – Travel Firsts

Welcome to the first TNI travel Twitter chat of 2012. Fittingly the topic was Travel Firsts. As usual there were a sparkling array of well-traveled tweeters and their finds that should create enough wanderlust for 2012. This chat was hosted by @jetsetterdotcom, @jetsetfarryn, @aireslibre and @zipsetrachel.


  1. Q1. When did you first realize that you really, really loved travel? #tni

  2. A1. First first study abroad. I came home with a new indepence and memories for a lifetime. #TNI

A1: It’s my mom’s fault — she brought me traveling as soon as I could go along. #TNI

A1. When my uncle brought me a lava ashtray of the Hawaii Islands when I was a kid I fell in love w/travel to exotic places. #tni #late

A1: Perhaps it was in my blood since I am Portuguese; perhaps I am a descendant of great explorers! ;-) #TNI

A1: Last Summer, walking the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage through the north of Spain on foot. #tni

Q2. First time you saw the ocean? Thoughts? #tni

A2 In Scotland land there`s a bridge over the Atlantic. That`s the first time #TNI

A2, First time, it was the Mediterranean Sea and I was mesmerized by the color, waves and the warm breeze. I was hooked! #TNI

A2. I’m a beach baby! Was born 5 minutes from the beach in Sydney. Home sweet ocean home! #TNI

A2 Can’t recall my first sight of the ocean – I was living on a sailboat in the Bahamas at 3 weeks old! My folks were seafaring nomads. #TNI

Q3. City that was your first love? Why? #tni

A3. Florence! From the ancient stone walkways, to the Duomo, to the pear pasta at Trattoria 4 Leoni… what’s not to love? #TNI

A3: Stockholm, Sweden, vibrant and very friendly people! Q3: City that was your first love? Why? #TNI

A3 totally fell in love with Verona at the age of 14, the “home town” of Romeo and Juliet, always wanted to live there #TNI

@Jetsetterdotcom A3 is Vic in Spain, just outside of Barcelona. Spent a day there, can still remember how the air felt, breeze and all. #TNI

A3. Absolutely love Brussels. Went over the summer and I’m hooked. Chocolate, architecture, and waffles. And peeing statues. #TNI #travel

Q3. City that was your first love? Why? #TNI A3. Istanbul – so much color, texture, art, history, and tea. :)

Q4. Where was your first international adventure? #tni

RT @rtwdave A4. Venice. What can I say, it was love at first sight when I walked out of the train station onto the Grand Canal. #TNI

“@ViewOnTravel: A4 I’m from Texas. Crossing state lines practically going international #TNI”haha! Looove my #texas

A4: Moved to Milano, Italy in 6th-7th grade. Amazing adventures. Loved it! Q4. Where/when was your first international adventure? #TNI

Just wrote about Shanghai! ow.ly/8jEyn RT @dan_trass @Jetsetterdotcom #TNI A4: First time out of the country was to Shanghai

A4: I was 17 years old and it was to Europe, the year 1992 – visited Austria and Hungary – two great countries and great fun in both #TNI

Q5. First place you loved so much you had to go back? Why? #tni

A5: This is an easy one: Iceland. Because it’s bewitching, enchanting, breathtaking, and most importantly feels like a home. #tni

A5. Probably a National Park like Yosemite or Yellowstone, awesomeness Q5. First place you loved so much you had to go back? Why? #TNI

A5 Himalaya and not stopped going back since! #tni Why …… seriously? Nothing matches a Himalayan giant

Q6. First encounter with something bigger than life?

A6. Probably looking out window seat of plane flying over this amazing planet. Each and every time, awed, humbled, and grateful. #TNI

A6. Easy. The Taj Mahal. I’ve been there twice. It still blows me away. #TNI

A6 Crossing the Masai Mara at sunset, about 20 giraffes crosses right in front of us – black silhouettes. Life-changing. #TNI

A6: Not the first, however, swimming with a Whale Shark in Pulau We (north of Sumatra) Indonesia comes to mind…#TNI

A6. Visit to the ancient city of Petra in Jordan. Pretty crazy to imagine how they built the city thousands of years ago. #TNI

A6. Visiting Uluru at sunset. Just breath taking. #TNI Q6: 1st encounter w/something bigger than life

Q7. First thing that ever took your breath away? #tni

A7. Watching a cheetah chase down a gazelle. Couldn’t believe how fast and agile it was. #tni

A7. Skydiving in NZ. The fear literally took my breath away #TNI

A7. can’t remember the first of so so many…. but big ones were Machu Picchu, Terra Cotta warriors, and the skies of the Maasai Mara #TNI

Q8. First hard lesson learned on the road? #tni

A8 No such thing as a free ride #TNI

So true! RT @ZipSetRachel: A8. Pick pocketers are real. Also, the one time you dont buy a bus ticket will be the time they check. #tni

A8: Apparently, hand gestures mean diff things in diff cultures. Doh! Q8. First hard lesson you learned while on the road? #TNI

A8. Traveling only makes the travel bug worse. Q8. What was the first hard lesson you learned traveling? #TNI

Q8. What was the first hard lesson you learned while on the traveling? #TNI A8. Hitchhiking in South Africa is probably a bad idea

Q9. First time out of your comfort zone while traveling? #TNI

RT @LolaDiMarco: A9. Every time I visit a foreign place for the first time alone I’m out of my comfort zone & it’s fantastic! #TNI

“@MalloryOnTravel: A9 Pointing a camera at the food I am about to eat in a classy restaurant always just seems sooo wrong #tni” -guilty! LOL

A9. Isn’t traveling all about getting out of your comfort zone? If it wasn’t, we’d just stay home. #TNI

RT @TravelMaestro: A9 Language challenges but found out it’s totally surmountable with a smile and some gesturing. #TNI

A9. The jungles of Panama as a 9 yr-old towhead w/ a tribe that had never seen anyone so white. Many touched my hair. #TNI #LindbladEXP

Q10. First place that compelled you to stay out all night? #tni

A10. Spent a night in a small rail depot in Szerencs, Hungary, midwinter, beside a coal-fired furnace kindly kept by the station master #TNI

A10 Stayed up all night in Shanghai, China watching the sun come up over Pudong on the Bund. (& old Chinese men doing taichi at 6a) #TNI

A10 Cebu, Philippines! The company is always great, so much yummy street food at Larsian’s, everyone wants to give you a good time! #TNI

A10. For FUN all-nighters – hard to remember the 1st, but a memorable one was the last night of conductor camp in Maine. Sunrise. #TNI

Ahh, that 24hr sunlight messes with you, doesn’t it? RT @RachelChaikof A10 Iceland! It was daylight 24 hours when I was there in June! #TNI

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  • http://twitter.com/KatrinaMauro Katrina Mauro

    that photo of Cinque Terre is pretty breathtaking.

  • http://alwaysoutbound.com/travel Subir K

    Absolutely. That photo made me want to pack my bags and go there.

  • http://alwaysoutbound.com/travel Subir K

    Absolutely. That photo made me want to pack my bags and go there.