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Sustainable Wanderlust
Preserve unique cultures and special places
Indian Nilgiri (Blue sheep) traverse the colorful mountains of Stok valley, Ladakh Himalayas

TNI – Traveling Green

  1. Q1. Fav eco-friendly hotel? Destination? Why?

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    A1. Campsite! #tni #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 15:35:41
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    A1 My tent! (not a hotel but can be as good) Can pitch it in some truly inspiring and remote locations #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 15:40:24
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    A1. A deserted island in the Caribbean because it’s just you the beach and your tropical surroundings #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 15:34:27
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    A1 Fairmont Banff Springs, of course:) This ‘castle’ is impressive! #TNI http://yfrog.com/ntzerrij
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 15:39:17
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    A1 @chaacreek in #Belize. They even grow most of their own food. Q1 Fave eco-friendly hotel? Destination? Why? #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 15:44:45
  7. Q2. What do you do to travel green?

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    A2 I take half the clothes & twice the money & bring my own reusable water bottle. #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 15:42:58
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    A2. I take public transport whenever possible! Q2. What do you do to “travel green”? #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 15:43:30
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    A2: I reuse towels. Of course not someone else’s towels. I’m not that green. #tni
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 15:45:28
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    A2. conserve water – use the restroom outdoors #tni
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 15:46:13
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    A2 Take out what we take in. #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:08:26
  13. Q3. Most dramatic example of global warming you’ve seen in your travels?

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    A3 Diminishing snow capped mountains, extreme flooding and thongs on beaches #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 15:51:46
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    A3. Seeing the size of glaciers in Iceland today compared to some pictures is pretty eye-opening. #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 15:52:47
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    A3: I’ve seen pictures of Mt Kilimanjaro since my climb 10 years ago and now its melting ice is quite sad and humbling. #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 15:56:40
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    A3. I’m actually in favor of Global Warming. I’m more comfortable in shorts #tni
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 15:58:05
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    A3. Snow on halloween. no snow (flurries here and there don’t count) since then in NJ! #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 15:58:29
  19. Q4. Destination where you really connected with nature?

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    A4 – In the Peruvian Amazon as well as in Rishikesh, India during a meditation retreat #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:02:34
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    A4 Any tropical island where I can scuba dive #tni
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:03:08
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    A4 Yosemite National Park is a marriage made in heaven for nature lovers here are some highlights of time there bit.ly/xk6snR #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:01:00
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    A4 Seeing sea turtles hatch was an awesome connection to nature #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:08:28
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    A4: Manu, in the Peruvian Amazon; no electricity; no distractions; Lots of hiking in the jungle; wildlife & bird viewing. Awesome! #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:03:07
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    A4. The Great Migration in Kenya/Tanzania. Reminds you how vulnerable you are in the wild. #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:01:59
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    A4 I like to sit by the ocean and listen to the sound of the waves. #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:09:26
  27. Q5. Green products & services are most expensive. Are they worth it? Favorites?

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    A5 It is difficult to answer. The local food and farming is worth it.. the “green” products you buy in a supermarket…i don’t think so #tni
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:23:11
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    A5. Local sustainable food and farming are worth it! Q5. Green products & services are more expensive. Are they worth it? Favorites? #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:11:31
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    A5 Green is worth it when it saves you $ and is better for your health – like buying organic food. #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:11:00
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    A5 – Totally depends on the product/service. Some are 100% worthwhile, and some are total scams as far as I am concerned! #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:11:06
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    A5. Organic meats, veggies and fruits are def worth it- can taste the difference #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:14:17
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    A5. You know what they say, it’s not easy being green. #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:11:30
  34. Q6. Do you recycle when you travel? How?

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    A6- The main way I “recycle” abroad is by donating a book I have read, or clothes i don’t need to take back. #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:21:31
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    A6: Yes! Re-use, reduce, recycle, travel light, leave the place the same or better than when you got there! Thanks @Clerseri #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:23:29
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    A6. I try to recycle in general, traveling or not. #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:24:11
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    A6 I use the same glass and just get a refill when I need a drink! #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:23:56
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    A6 As much as possible … reusing plastic bags & bottles, recycle memory space on my camera & donating unwanted items #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:22:48
  40. Q7. Eco-UNfriendly travel vice you cannot give up?

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    A7 Flying. Sorry next few generations. The prior generation is always seflish. Look at the Boomers! #tni
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:31:49
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    A7. Red meat….can’t resist a med-rare, juicy steak! RT @AmbleResorts: Q7. Eco-UNfriendly travel vice you cannot give up? #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:31:17
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    A7: just the fact that we travel by car is pretty unfriendly. not quite ready for a @familyonbikes adventure just yet… #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:33:41
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    A7 how about all those plastic wrappers that come with hiking food? you’d think they’d have figured out a solution to that by now… #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:33:46
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    A7 Oh, I can’t help taking shells off the beaches! #TNI #shootmenow
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:36:45
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    @AmbleResorts A7: taking long hot showers in 3rd world countries… I’m all about conservation, but I also like feeling clean… #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:38:16
  47. Q8. Tips for choosing an eco-friendly destination?

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    A8. Ask the locals!!! Q8. Tips for choosing an eco-friendly destination? #TNI #Triptrotting
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:42:43
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    A8 – Find a place where the main appeal of the destination is the natural landscape – the Amazon, the Serengeti, the Himalayas, etc. #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:45:50
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    A8 Go to a nearby island, choose an eco-friendly hotel, a bicycle to move and relax yourself ! :D #tni
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:46:56
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    A8 If it uses solar power, you can’t do laundry and cannot connect to #TNI, it’s most probably your eco-friendly destination! #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:44:21
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    A8. Do lots of research on what makes a resort or hotel “green”. Here are a few: planetgoround.com/blog/201… #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:45:17
  53. Q9. New things you will do while traveling this year to lessen your carbon footprint?

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    A9. Bring my own water bottle, I should have been doing it all along! Also, pack my own snacks. #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:51:32
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    A9. Buy organic and local RT @ZipSetRachel Q9. New things you will do while traveling this year to lessen your carbon footprint? #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:56:55
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    A9 tell the bartender you will just drink out of the bottle :D #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:58:47
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    Hahaha that’s like telling a bunch of fish not to swim! RT @santafetraveler A9. Stay Home #TNI
    Thu, Mar 08 2012 16:56:15
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