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Indian Nilgiri (Blue sheep) traverse the colorful mountains of Stok valley, Ladakh Himalayas

#TNI Storified: Vol 4 – What’s on the travel horizon for 2012

  1. Q1. What new destination is on your list for travel in 2012 ? #tni

  2. A1 If we’re talking a really new destination I want to visit South Sudan most of all #tni

A1. Copenhagen in order to beg for a table at Noma, and Iceland to see the Northern Lights Fingers crossed to find the time! #tni

A1) Either Italy or Germany. I’m sure both countries will give my camera and I a good workout. #TNI

A1. Too many to pick! Masai Mara in Kenya, Finland to see northern lights, and sail on Mekong River in Vietnam! #TNI

A1 I have plans for Hurtigruten in Norway (Feb), Machu Picchu (May), Alaska (July), Greece (Sep) & Gt Barrier Reef (Nov). Big year! #TNI

A1. India! Starting Sunday. #TNI

A1. Japan. Haven’t been there and cheap tickets right now. Q1. What new destination is on your list for travel in 2012? #TNI

Q2. What adventures on your bucket list do you hope to accomplish in 2010 ? #tni

Q2. What adventures on your bucket list do you hope to accomplish #TNI —- A2: Volunteer work in remote parts of Tanzania.

A2. Try a tandem parachute jump or go on a hot air balloon! Q2. What adventures on your bucket list do you hope to accomplish in 2012? #TNI

@doubletree A2 Also have always wanted to learn to Bollywood dance in India. THAT would be a funny sight. #TNI

A2: Zipline over a Rainforest, did it for 1st time on Allur e of the Seas, too short!! #TNI

RT @justinhamlin: A2: #TNI would love to go bungee jumping in 2012 < Bungee Jumping – The Joy of Falling tinyurl.com/438amhj

A2. Safaris in Kenya or Botswana, Diving Belize, Polar bears in Churchill & eco-cruise down Amazon would be great to start… #TNI

A2. Swimming with whale sharks in Mexico, hiking a volcano in Costa Rica. Q2 Adventures on your bucket list to accomplish in 2012? #TNI

Q3. What money saving tips would you recommend for fellow travelers in 2012 ? #tni

A3 Best budget tip? That’s an easy one. TRAVEL BY BICYCLE! Cheap and so much fun! #TNI

A3 Look into apts instead of hotels. Cheaper & also gives you better insight on how locals live. #TNI

A3. go in the off season – cheaper rates, less crowded #TNI

A3. Make sure to research a city’s free attractions. Lots of worthwhile museums and more! ow.ly/8dp2E #TNI

@doubletree A3: get a local SIM card for your phone when you travel, so you don’t have to pay roaming fees. You can save lots! #TNI

Q4. What foreign cuisine or delicacy are you excited to try in 2012 ? #tni

A4: definitely REAL Indian food cooked in India but I’d love to try some Philippino food – in the Philippines! #tni

#TNI A4 Street food in southeast Asia

A4 I have an eating or cycle touring problem, not sure which, LOL. I always look forward to eating everything. #TNI

A4 Tibetan in a free Tibet #tni

A4: Tokyo’s authentic ramen is to die for. #tni

Q5. How will you pay-it-forward or give back during your travels in 2012? #tni

A5 Give away any metro passes that may have some money left before leaving a country #TNI

@HomeExchangecom A5 Pack more clothes than I need and give them away to people who need them. #TNI

A5 Give left over currency to travellers going that way. I gave my rain poncho to a traveller heading to the jungle last month #TNI

A5. Continue to take an extra suitcase of scool supplies when I travel to the Caribbean #TNI

A5: If you have a professional camera, take photos of customers/products at local businesses and share them w/ the business. #TNI

A5. I would love to volunteer abroad with @unitedplanet by working in a school or doing environmental work! #TNI

A5 Buy from the local stores and shopkeepers, support the little guy and not the huge corporations #tni

Q6. Festival you’d love to attend in 2012? #tni

A6. Jogging with the Bulls …I’m too old for the festival where the bulls run #TNI

A6 Lantern Festival in China; International Film Fest in San Miguel de Allende, Carnival in Venice…and more #TNI

A6 How could I forget? Chocolate festival in Perugia, Italy! Read about it years ago! Q6. Festival you’d love to attend in 2012? #TNI

A6. Holi or Tomatino!!!! I want to get messy!!! #TNI

RT @doubletree A6: Harbin Ice and Snow Festival in China! It’s better than opening my freezer & sticking in a string of colored lights! #TNI

Q7. What is your New Year’s Travel Resolution? #tni

A7: #TNI To use my passport MORE than once!

A7. Be brave and venture more into new, unknown territories Q7. What is your New Year’s Travel Resolution? #TNI

A7: to take at least one spontaneous trip somewhere with no planning. #tni @doubletree

Q8. Plans to reduce your carbon footprint during your 2012 travels ? #tni

A8) I’ll walk more in my travels. Those footprints will reduce my gut too! #TNI

A8: #TNI – I plan to walk from Bar to Bar instead of taking a cab

A8 I think a lot of it comes down to respecting the Earth! Think b4 for throw, buy, waste…preserve what we have! #TNI

A8 Travel local & discover more places by foot, bicycle or horseback #tni

Q9. Where will you ring in 2012 this year? #tni


A9 Celebrating with whales, baboons and award winning local wines under a big star-lit sky in Hermanus #southafrica #tni

A9 #TNI At home; we mark the New Year by launching paper hot air lanterns/balloons instead of fireworks.

A9. I host a killer party every year in Manhattan #NYC, a Foodie International tradition! Q9. Where will you ring in 2012 this year? #TNI

A9 The bottom of a wine bottle most probably #tni

Q9. Where will you ring in 2012 this year? #TNI A9: In an altered state of consciousness…

Q10. What little things will you change about your travels in 2012? #tni

RT @MalloryOnTravel: A10 Would love to do more reportage photography and show both sides of the travel coin #tni

A10. sketch more while traveling…put that artistic training to work. #TNI

A10. slow down, savor the moment and enjoy doing ordinary things in extraordinary places #tni

A10 #TNI Take a notebook and pencil, and try to spend less time scampering around looking for wifi or an Internet café.

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