Why Voluntour

We all set out to explore pristine places and unique cultures.Most of them exist in a fragile balancing act. By volunteering in the communities you visit, you can preserve their future.
- Always Outbound

Volun-Tour: For You

Richer Community Interactions

When you give back to the community you visit, you cease to be a tourist, become a welcomed friend. You’re given access to places and experiences off-limits to others. Above all, you interact with people outside of the tourism industry.

Like-Minded Travel Companions

Enjoy the camaraderie of traveling and volunteering with fellow travelers on a shared cause of community preservation and/or environmental conservation. Where people from diverse regions, cultures and backgrounds come together to travel and make a difference.

Lend a Hand Where Truly Needed

Your volunteering contributes to long-term initiatives directly related to community needs. The people are vested in seeing these projects succeed over the long term. By working directly in the communities we visit, your efforts and money have a greater impact than through private one-off projects. And we promise to keep you updated about the results.

Insights & Memories to Last a Lifetime

You might be invited home for dinner, to sip butter tea at a Himalayan monastery's prayer ceremony or to swim alongside endangered sea turtles with a local fisherman when he shows you his secret fishing grounds – your volunteering makes you a friend and friends are treated differently than tourists.

Volun-Tour: For the Community / Environment

Your Efforts Change Lives and Cultures

Whichever Voluntour destination you select the people in that community benefit. A Ladakhi teen graduates; a Rajasthani woman starts a village business, an Andaman Islander learns how to preserve a fishing ground or a mango grove.

Your Volunteering Creates Local Awareness

Growing up in an endangered ecosystem or environment blinds one to signs of destruction as the process is slow. Your volunteering sends a strong message that what the community has is worth preserving!.

Help Foster Sustainable Growth

Our trips provide immediate tourism dollars to local businesses. As a volunteer your actions directly show residents the need to preserve what they have and the methods by which to do it. Your efforts exemplify the balancing of natural resources with the need for reasonable profit.

Volun-Tour: For the Non-Profit Cause

Much Needed Skills

Skills you take for granted are the greatest asset you possess. From teaching basic internet skills to running environment surveys; from entrepreneurship to solar tech training – you are sharing something money and donations can't buy.

Succesful Projects, Raised Awareness

Your volunteering helps projects get completed faster and more efficiently and with documented benefits to the community. This highlights the work of the NGO which in turn helps them gain volunteers and increase funding sources.

Why Voluntour with Always Outbound?

Promote Sustainable Growth and Preserve the Extra-Ordinary

Our mission is to preserve endangered cultures and places and every trip is designed to meet that criteria. We are highly selective in both our selection of destinations and Non-Profits we work with. Balancing people, planet and profit embodies who we are and what we do.

Focused Efforts, Measurable Impact

By focusing on a few regions and projects we have a measurable and beneficial impact. Your volunteering does more than raise awareness; it makes you an advocate and instrument of positive change in the preservation process.